Get electricity from a new solar park

At Reel, you buy electricity for your company from a new solar park, built as a consequence of your electricity agreement. You reduce your carbon emissions, get an attractive price, and take responsibility for the green transition.

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The problem

Green electricity is not always green

Most "green" electricity has no impact
There is a plenitude of "green" electricity options on the market, promising to reduce carbon emissions. Most options are based on certificates – a system for tracking and claiming already-produced green electricity – and do not make a difference for the climate. Instead, companies are led to believe they are making a difference for the climate when they in reality are not.Learn more about sustainability and electricity

When you buy "green" electricity from a conventional utility

What you expectWhat you get

Green electricity in your sockets

A mix of fossil and green electricity in your sockets

Reduced carbon emissions

Unchanged carbon emissions

Green branding value

Risk of being accused of green washing

Our solution

A new way of procuring renewable electricity for businesses

Impact calculator

Your yearly consumption

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Your impact by switching to Reel
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Your impact

Quantify your impact

Reel enables your company to reduce carbon emissions and introduce new renewable electricity to the grid. The bigger your commitment, the bigger your impact in driving the renewable transition. See how we calculate this

How we are different

Different in every way that matters

Reel offers security of supply, attractive pricing, and customer service as you expect from any utility. What sets us apart is our approach to sustainability and climate action. At Reel, you are empowered to choose electricity that makes an actual difference for the climate and reduce your emissions, and we help you visualise and measure your contributions.

Traditional utility
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Security of supply
Fixed, competitive pricing
Green certificates
New renewable electricity on the grid
Get credited for your contribution
Automated sustainability reporting
Ready to switch to renewable electricity?
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