Electricity that makes a difference – for your business and the climate

Reel empowers all companies to procure renewable electricity that makes a real difference for the climate. We believe that making an impact on climate change should be easy, accessible for all, and financially attractive.

Our history

Rooted in science. Developed for the market

Reel is founded at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) as a spinout from the world-renowned Quantitative Sustainability Assessment Group. Based on extensive research, we have developed a novel framework to measure and attribute environmental impacts from electricity consumption. With the framework, we aim to introduce the transparency and incentives for consumers to make informed decisions and take meaningful actions. We strive to transform how renewable electricity is procured and empower all companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Our name

Reel - rethinking electricity

Inspired by our vision of rethinking the way electricity is procured and attributed, we chose the name Reel. Reel is a Danish word meaning reliable, fair and real. Three words that enshrine our mission and impact on the climate agenda.

What the name stands for

We empower companies to make a real impact on climate change. We enable fair attribution of environmental impacts giving all organisations equal status. We are a reliable partner in the fight against climate change.


We partner with strong market actors to get the job done

We partner with established players in the industry to ensure that our solution meets all quality standards. We believe that a transparent and collaborative approach is necessary to combat climate change and are eager to hear from you if you are interested in partnering with us.

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Who we are

Our team: Uniquely positioned to have a positive climate impact

Interdisciplinary activists

We are a team of sustainability experts, business professionals, and software developers with a shared mission of making a significant contribution in the fight against climate change. With our combined experience, strong partnerships, and novel approach, we are transforming the market of renewable electricity procurement.

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What we stand for

Founding principles

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Climate first

Everything we do must have a significant and scientifically-proven impact on climate change. We are committed to empowering as many as possible to contribute in the fight against climate change. We re-invest part of our profits into climate initiatives, and actively influence the public debate on climate change.

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The electricity market is notoriously complicated, difficult to navigate and filled with empty sustainability promises. We introduce the transparency, objectivity, and incentives needed for businesses to take meaningful actions based on informed decisions. We never promise more than we can deliver.

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Innovation and inclusion

We are building a new type of company, based on models from the 21st century. We are inclusive, impact-driven, digital-first and constantly striving to learn. We look for new ways to organise ourselves and take inspiration from the most innovative companies in the world.

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