Impact calculations

This calculation tool provides a very simplified estimate of the carbon emission reductions resulting from switching to our solution. The estimate is based on annual average values for the electricity emission intensity in Denmark and does not take your company's consumption profile into account. Marginal effects from the replacement of fossil sources with renewable sources due to addition of the new solar park to the public grid are not included in the result. A refined version of the calculation tool is under development.


Grid Emission Intensity

The emission intensity of the electricity mix on the Danish grid in 2020. Calculated using the 125%-method (read more at source)

122kg CO2e / MWh

Solar Emission Intensity

The emission intensity of solar parks taking the entire lifecycle of the plant into account. This number includes factors such as manufactoring and constuction of the solar plant.

6kg CO2e / MWh

Average citizen emissions

The average yearly emissions of a Danish citizen in 2018 (most recent value).

5.8t CO2e / year


Emissions grid mix

The emissions of a consumer using the grid mix.

emissions grid mix=
consumption×grid emission intensity

Emissions solar

The emissions of a consumer using electricity from a solar park.

emissions solar=
consumption×solar emission intensity

Reduction of emissions

Yearly reduction in emissions by switching from grid mix electricity to electricity from solar parks (as offered by Reel).

emissions reduction=
emissions grid mixemissions solar

Citizens' emissions reduced

Yearly reductions in emissions converted to number of citizens' average emissions.

citizens' emissions reduced=
emissions reductions/avg. citizen emission
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