Transforming electricity procurement for climate action

Reel offers a new way of procuring electricity for all companies. We tie your electricity consumption to the construction of a new solar or wind park. Renewable electricity is added to the grid and your company’s carbon footprint is reduced. This way, you make a real difference for the climate.

Empowering companies

Empowering all companies to mitigate climate change through their electricity bill

Until now, only the largest 1% of companies have had access to electricity that makes a real difference for the climate. We empower all companies to take part and contribute to mitigating climate change directly through their electricity consumption.

As simple as that

Buying electricity from Reel is just as simple as buying it from your current utility. We remove all complexity and take care of all the nitty-gritty details. All you need to do is consume. Exactly like you do today. We believe that making an impact on climate change should be easy and accessible for all.

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Additional electricity

We tie your electricity consumption to a specific solar or wind park

Reel partners with renewable energy developers to find attractive solar and wind projects. Developers need certainty of income to get solar and wind projects financed. Therefore, they look for long-term fixed-price contracts to guarantee their projects. When you sign up with Reel, your commitment is central for ensuring this guarantee, and is therefore essential for constructing a new solar or wind park.

Additionality - The addition of new renewable electricity to the grid

We differ from conventional utilities as we ensure the construction of new solar and wind parks. This way, renewable electricity equivalent to your consumption is added to the grid and you contribute directly to increasing the availability of renewable electricity on the grid. As you continue to consume electricity from the grid, you always have supply of electricity. Even when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing.Learn more about the climate impact of electricity

How we are different

Different in every way that matters

Reel offers security of supply, attractive pricing, and customer service as you expect from any utility. What sets us apart is our approach to sustainability and climate action. At Reel, you are empowered to choose electricity that makes an actual difference for the climate and reduce your emissions, and we help you visualise and measure your contributions.
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Security of supply
Fixed, competitive pricing
Green certificates
New renewable electricity on the grid
Get credited for your contribution
Automated sustainability reporting

Fixed pricing

Secure your exposure to volatile electricity prices

We offer fixed price contracts that hedge your electricity bill against volatile prices. You can cover part or all of your electricity consumption depending on your preferences. Our contracts run up to 10 years. The longer you sign up for, the more attractive pricing you get. And the larger an impact you make on climate change.

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Automated reporting

Automate your sustainability and CSR reporting

We provide access to our proprietary and scientific sustainability platform. Follow your electricity consumption in real time, see your price savings compared to market prices, and get an overview of your CO2 savings. We offer automated sustainability reporting on central metrics such as SDG 7.2 (increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy mix). Extract ready-for-use data to be applied directly in your CSR report. Plug and play.

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